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 Fame System

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PostSubject: Fame System   Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:39 am

Fame is the reputation system on our forums. It is formerly known as the "Power level" and before that, it was called "Popularity".

Fame reflects who you are as a member and how positively/negatively received you are. Everyone begins with 0 fame but can be given fame or have their fame reduced by other members.

To be able to give/reduce fame, one must have at least 10 posts before they are able to see the increase and decrease buttons.

As a tip, to gain fame, be sure to be kind, helpful, and courteous towards other members of the community. By presenting yourself in a positive matter, members will view you favourably and will be sure to thank you by raising your fame. Conversely, be sure to increase the fame of others to show gratitude.
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Fame System
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